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Photo by Hunter Cates


My name is Nikolasi Saafi. I am a Pacific Islander creative based in Brooklyn, New York.

I was born in Tonga, an island country in the South Pacific Ocean to my two parents who are immigrants. After moving to the US and going back and forth for my mother's university education, I ended up in Berkeley, CA where I spent a majority of my early life.


Growing up in the SF Bay Area placed me around a variety of cultures, faces and experiences. This has influenced my style to be one that is open minded, unique and all encompassing. I miss the Bay Area and the melting pot it is but I just recently moved to Brooklyn, New York to start my next chapter.

I look at photography as a means to understand the world and those around me. I am forever grateful for all the stories and places my camera has taken me. From the perspective of a lens you are able to see another while also reflecting on yourself. This is the experience that has kept me pursuing photography.

I specialize in portraiture with an interest on story, but currently I have been looking to niche down on music in my personal work. Most recently I have been taking on fashion, music and brand jobs. 

If you would like to keep up to date with me and my work check out my instagram.

If you would like me to help capture you and your story contact me here at my email.

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Lady Gunn

Topo Chico

Jaded LDN

Toasted Life

Kapor Capital

Sogorea Te Land Trust

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